My Review Of Aquatabs, A Compact Water Solution

A Review of Aquatabs, a Compact Water Solution

Review by Adan Diaz

No one likes carrying loads of gear on long hikes or camping trips. If you’re like me, you go for walks/hikes that end up eating up more of your time than you originally intended. On these time-consuming hikes, hunger and dehydration become your main concerns.  So, when I heard about Aquatabs, a product that allows water purification on the go, I thought I would test it out and see how this could make my trips easier.  Here’s my review of Aquatabs, from the start of my hike to drinking dirty bog water. 

What Is Aquatabs?

Aquatabs is a water purification product. If you get the 49mg option with 30 tablets, like me, you get a package smaller than your phone! Despite its small size, the product description claims it can treat 64oz of water per tablet. Considering that 64oz of water is one’s daily intake, this product can potentially give you 30 days’ worth of water, give or take. 

 The product consists of small Aquatabs water purifying tablets you place into fresh water. From here, take a freshwater source like a stream, river, or lake, insert the tablet into your water container, shake for 10 minutes, and wait 30 minutes for purified water. 

My Test Run of Aquatabs

For my product test, I decided to take a walk to the bog in my local area.  A large forest surrounds the bog, and it’s not unusual to spot wildlife such as deer, frogs, rabbits, and squirrels. Because of all the animals and gorgeous landscape, it’s an area I like to visit often. The bog would also provide a source of water that will be interesting to test. 


The bog’s water is a bit murky, and I was able to spot some frogs, geese, and dead plants in the water. Once I had walked around for about an hour, I ran out of water and needed to refill my bottle. So, knowing that the bog water is definitely filled with bacteria and who knows what, I filled my 24fl oz water bottle and two 16oz glass jars. The glass jars were brought so I could visually display the water quality and result of the Aquatabs.   

I then filled the mason jars, shook them for 10 minutes, and let them sit for 30 minutes.

As you can see, the look of the water hadn’t changed all that much. After smelling each, the purified water has a barely noticeable chlorine smell to it.


Now for the final test. The taste test! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about chugging what was just dirty bog water contaminated with frog germs and the like a couple of moments ago. I’m glad to report that there was no discernible taste in the water, maybe a slight chlorine taste if you try hard to look for it.

What did I think of the product?

Aquatabs are extremely easy to use, so much so that by reading this review, you can understand what to do, but if you forget, the packaging for the product also has clear instructions. The product also works very quickly compared to other water-purifying tablets. But the speed by which it works could also be due to a downside in its effectiveness. 

The Aquatabs are effective against bacteria, giardia cysts, bacteria, and viruses. What they could be more effective against is cryptosporidium. From my research, most products proficient in this will take 240min to purify water, starkly contrasting Aquatab’s 30min with 10 min of shaking. If you want water purifying tablets effective against cryptosporidium, it will cost you a few dollars more and a lot more time.

Is aquatabs effective in what it aims to do?

The Aquatabs are effective in what they aim to do. They add little to no taste to water. They may not protect cryptosporidium, but Aquatabs still prevented illness after consuming dirty bog water. That’s why I give Aquatabs a 


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