Why Aquatabs?

Every year, Aquatabs treats over 7.9 billion gallons of water. Here’s everything you need to know about these small-but-powerful water disinfectant tablets, including history, how to use them, and the need they serve around the world.

What are Aquatabs?

Aquatabs are small tablets that when dissolved in water, kill harmful microorganisms. They work in just 30 minutes, reducing 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses, and 99.9% of giardia cysts. Aquatabs have a shelf life of 2-5 years and are packaged individually wrapped in foil or in larger tubs. They’re incredibly versatile as the smaller size is portable and the larger size can be used in larger systems. They’re available in different tablet sizes, depending on the amount and quality of the water to be treated. Aquatabs has a range of products, including Flo and InLine, among others. The Flo and InLine units are larger systems for water treatment and can be used in conjunction with a filter if desired. Aquatabs are used in many different environments including disaster relief, camping, hiking, marine and rural/economically disadvantaged communities. Unlike our competitors, Aquatabs treated water has no unpleasant taste or odor and does not change the color of the water.

How to Easily Purify Water Using Aquatabs

Aquatabs are extremely simple to use. To easily purify your water with Aquatabs just follow these directions, which are based on tablet size.

  • 49 mg size: add one tablet to 1-2 quarts of water and wait 30 minutes before consuming the water. 
  • 397 mg size: add one tablet to up to 4 gallons of water, and wait 30 minutes before consuming. 

If you plan to store your treated water in a non-covered container, make sure to drink it within 3 days of purification, or you could risk recontamination.

Benefits of Aquatabs

Aquatabs have many benefits that have placed them above competitors in the market of water purification. 

  • Simplicity: Just place the tablet in water and wait 30 minutes. Could it get any easier? 
  • Energy Efficiency: Aquatabs do not require electricity or a heat source to purify water. 
  • Reliability: Aquatabs are trusted worldwide by nonprofits and major aid agencies. They are produced to the Global Quality Gold Standard. 
  • Portability: Aquatabs 49 mg tablets come in a small waterproof foil strip, making them perfect for those looking to camp or hike They’re small, light, and water resistant, easily fitting into a backpack.  The tub of 397 mg tablets can be brought on boating or caravan excursions, easily stored and sealed shut.

Company History

With some of the first small-scale liquid sterilization ideas, a company called Medentech began researching purification methods in a pill-sized form. Based in Wexford, Ireland, they first developed an innovative, sterilization product called Sterinova. This product is marketed to purify infant feeding bottles as a fast-acting, portable and simple disinfectant. As Medentech grew and continued to research and develop water treatment products, they diversified their range of products, and developed Aquatabs.

Market Niches

There are several market categories that Aquatabs provides water disinfection for.. Emergencies, boil orders, natural disasters, civil unrest – Aquatabs is positioned and ready to help. Campers, hikers, backpackers – Aquatabs has you covered with portability and versatility for the duration of your adventure.  In homes, schools, and other larger pressurized or gravity water filtration systems – Aquatabs has you covered with Aquatabs InLine. This simple addition can be fixed to your pressurized water treatment system in-line to the point of collection, killing any bacteria that doesn’t get filtered.

Disaster Relief

Aquatabs are used in emergency situations around the world. Aquatabs are used by all major aid agencies, nonprofits, and peacekeeping forces worldwide for the treatment of human drinking water (Aquatabs Intl). Stocks of Aquatabs are stored in many countries for emergency water use. We suggest that you keep Aquatabs on hand as well, as they store for up to 5 years.

Camping, Travel

Backpackers, campers, and hikers who drink untreated backcountry water are at a higher risk of ingesting parasites and bacteria. When trekking in the outdoors, it is best to come prepared. Aquatabs are perfect for camping and travel – especially internationally. Aquatabs has travel packs that can treat up to 2 quarts of water. Aquatabs remove the need to boil water before drinking. While taking an RV or boating trip, our 397 mg Aquatabs are wonderful for use in jerrycans, buckets, and freshwater tanks.

In the Home

For many areas of the world, filtration is not enough. Filtration at the source does not always remove viruses from water. Aquatabs has purification systems to suit large volume water needs, killing viruses that cause diarrhea and other health conditions. These systems benefit areas that lack infrastructure for water purification. Aquatabs InLine incorporates seamlessly into your already in-use gravity or pressurized filtration system. The InLine produces up to 240,000 gallons of clean water per cartridge at a 1 PPM dosage level of chlorine.

Our Commitment to You

Diseases from dirty water kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. Our commitment to you as water treatment providers is that of a quality product that will work in the most dire of situations, in the time of greatest need. We’ve chosen Aquatabs as a trusted, intricately-developed solution for when you find yourself in need, or simply want trusted, portable water purification.

Give the gift of clean water! Purchase any Aquatabs product and we'll donate a months' worth of safe drinking water through one of our partner organizations

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