Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets

Having a fast, simple, and easy way to ensure that you have safe drinking water is vital for everyone to have at their disposal. You never know when a natural disaster, boil water warning, or other situation can leave you without safe drinking water for hours or days.

That’s why we created Aquatabs water purification tablets, an affordable, convenient, and effective way to kill harmful microorganisms in your water in just 30 minutes.

Our Mission

Disease caused by unclean water kills more people every year than violence of any kind. We are committed to creating safe, affordable, and effective ways to ensure more clean water throughout the world.

Our organization has been in operation for more than three decades and our products have been used by the world’s learning nonprofits, disaster relief organizations, and countless individuals who use it to keep their drinking water safe.

How Do Water Purification Tablets Work?

Aquatabs use a measured dose of sodium dichloroisocyanurate, also known as NaDCC. When they are dropped into water over 40 degrees Fahrenheit, they release hypochlorous acid, which is known as a safe and effective water disinfectant. 

When used in non-turbid, or clear, freshwater, Aquatabs result in a reduction of 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses, and 99.99% of parasites such as Giardia cysts. The microorganisms that Aquatabs eliminates could otherwise lead to diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and other diseases. Aquatabs can also kill many viruses that aren’t removed through filtration.

This eliminates the need to boil water before drinking it. In fact, using Aquatabs can be better than boiling water because the chlorine that has been released will remain in the water and prevent contamination for three to five days, depending on how it is stored. Water that has been boiled can be re-contaminated anytime after it cools back to a normal temperature.

Where Are Water Purifying Tablets Used?

The convenience, portability, affordability, and speed of Aquatabs water purifying tablets allow them to be used in a wide range of situations. 

Aquatabs are popular with hikers, backpackers, and campers since they eliminate the need to carry additional equipment or extra water that can weigh them down. They are also used in jerrycans, buckets, and freshwater tanks on boats. Many people like to take Aquatabs with them on international trips to make sure they have reliable drinking water.

But Aquatabs can also be essential for use at home. If a water main bursts and an order to boil water goes out, a natural disaster causes the water supply to be contaminated, or a cyberattack on local infrastructure occurs, Aquatabs can ensure you have safe drinking water. 

Water purifying tablets can also be used when well water is potentially contaminated, and some farmers use Aquatabs to ensure their livestock have access to clean drinking water.

Our Water Purification Tablets

49 mg Tablets

The 49 mg tablet is our standard size and can be ordered in packs of 30, 50, and 100. They come in small, waterproof foil strips that are lightweight and easy to fit into a backpack. We also offer wholesale water purification tablets in bulk.

An 49 mg tablet will clean a half gallon of clear water or 25 oz of cloudy water within 30 minutes.

397 mg Tablets

Our 397 mg tablets come in tubs of 100. They are popular for bringing on boating or camping trips, and the tub can be easily resealed after it has been opened. 

A 397 mg tablet will clean up to four gallons of clear water and up to a gallon and a half of cloudy water. A tub of 100 tablets will purify up to 100 gallons of water, which can last a person an estimated 470 days.

Aquatabs - 8.5mg Tablet x30

One tablet can treat up to 64 ounces of water. This 30 pack of Aquatabs can purify up to 60 quarts of water.

Aquatabs - 8.5mg Tablet x50

One tablet can treat up to 64 ounces of water. This 50 pack of Aquatabs can purify up to 100 quarts of water.

Aquatabs - 8.5mg Tablet x100

One tablet can treat up to 64 ounces of water. This 100 pack of Aquatabs can purify up to 200 quarts of water.

Aquatabs - 49mg Tablet Wholesale

We sell our popular 49 mg water purification tablets wholesale for retailers, nonprofits, and companies looking to use or sell our products.

Why Aquatabs Are the Best Water Purification Tablets

Aquatabs are the world’s leading water treatment tablets because of their low cost, fast treatment, and great taste. We’ve been making Aquatabs water purifying tablets for more than 25 years, and our customers use Aquatabs to treat more than 7.9 billion gallons of water every year.

They are independently tested and have been certified by, approved by, or made to the standards of the:

  • World Health Organization
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • United Nations Gold Standard for the Global Goals
  • American National Standards Institute
  • International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Unlike other water cleaning tablets, Aquatabs will not change the color of the water and don’t leave behind a chemical taste. In fact, there is usually less of a chlorine taste in water treated with Aquatabs than there is in municipal tap water.

Order Water Cleaning Tablets Today

Don’t be caught off guard by contaminated water. Order Aquatabs water purifying tablets today to ensure that you have clean and safe drinking water when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aquatabs are designed to be simple and easy to use, and they can be deployed in freshwater that is lukewarm, or at least above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Before using a water purifying tablet, we first recommend that you remove all suspended materials through filtration using a standard water filter or through a t-shirt or coffee filter. If those are not available, you can allow materials to settle to the bottom of the container before moving the water to a new, clean container.

Once you have moved the water to a clean container, place the Aquatab into the water and mix well for at least 10 minutes. Then let it stand for 30 minutes. Once the time is up, your water is ready to drink. 

The chlorine will prevent re-contamination of your water for up to three days in a closed container and up to five days in an open container. Afterward, the chlorine will evaporate out of the water.

Yes, however, high-quality water purification tablets such as Aquatabs can last for years if they are properly stored. Individually foil-wrapped 49 mg Aquatabs will last for five years after their date of manufacture, and a tub of 397 mg will last for two years after being manufactured.

Besides chlorine, another popular method for water purification is iodine, which can have its drawbacks. Some Iodine-based tablets are banned in European countries because they are not recommended for digestion.

Also, some people are allergic to iodine, and it cannot be used by those who are pregnant or have thyroid conditions. Iodine can leave behind a bad taste and should not be used for long periods of time. In addition, certain iodine water purifying products can irritate your eyes or hands.

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